A big part of co-operative living is that members are required to volunteer their time doing various tasks in order to keep costs to the co-op down. For example, members are required to help out with landscaping / clean-up to keep the property maintenance costs down and keep the co-op looking great. The co-op supplies all equipment for member use.

Members can join any one of our active committees.

We currently have an Interview Committee that interviews applications and recommends membership to the Board of Directors.

An Orientation Committee welcomes new members to the community and helps to ease the move-in transition – regarding By Laws, Orientation Information, and Member Meetings for new members.

We have an active Social Committee that currently plans monthly activities for both the adults and children of our community. This includes activities for all Holiday Celebrations.

Our By Law Committee may work on any updates or suggest changes to current By Laws, as per recommendations made by CHF Canada or circumstances that have arisen in our community.